what we can do for you

Currently serving over 40 water and wastewater systems throughout the state of Oregon, Delta Operations offers contract operations and maintenance for full turn-key operations or assists the needs of smaller operations with their personnel and procedures.

Our operators are DEQ-certified and our staff is experienced and highly trained. The services we provide to manage our wastewater treatment processes, community water quality procedures, and stormwater management systems help ensure Oregon water’s safety with the current and future health and well-being of all our state’s inhabitants—humans, fish, and wildlife—in mind.


wastewater treatment

Keeping our drinking water clean is our priority for today and for future generations. Our industry-standard four-step process ensures that the quality of our rivers and streams is safe for people to enjoy fishing, swimming and drinking water, and for the fish and wildlife that inhabit our natural water resources.


community water management

Delta Operations helps make Oregon drinking water among the safest in the U.S. Our state-certified operators strictly manage to government and industry standards, continuously collect and analyze water samples, and provide technical assistance to community water safety personnel.


stormwater management

Rainwater not reabsorbed into the earth contains pollutants from our roofs and streets that harm fish and wildlife and create unhealthy standards for human activities like fishing and swimming in our rivers and streams. Delta Operations provides flexible and effective solutions customized to your needs and requirements.